Commercial Diving

Octopus Specializes in the fields of underwater construction, inspection and maintenance.
Octopus has safely and efficiently carried out various underwater jobs and projects.
We have a range of multi skilled surface supplied diving personnel at our disposal from a pool of experienced divers that we have worked with over the years.
We ensure that all personnel used are trained on our equipment and are briefed on our management systems to minimize the potential hazards for related issues during diving in our projects.
The experience gained over years of service, together with continued investment in human resources and equipment, allows Octopus to efficiently respond to client requirements.
Throughout these years, Octopus has built a sound reputation for the provision of qualified diving, Technical and inspection personnel to the highest level.
Octopus Diving operations and safety manual is guideline that describes our company diving rules, policies, personal and plant standards, safety and efficiency planning, operational standards and limitations while running an operation.